Developing vascular
transplants into
regenerative treatments.
Developing blood
vessels as
regenerative treatments.

Our Vision

We are building a technology, to grow blood vessels ready for transplantation.
The vascular organoid as scalable “blood vessel factory”
Cryopreserved vascularization units for true “off-the-shelf” use
Stocked at end users’ facilities (hospital/tissue manufacturer)
On-demand vascularization of wounds / tissues /
Lab-grown blood vessels
ready for transplantation
Cryopreserved for
“off-the-shelf” use
On-demand blood vessels


Blood vessels are the lifelines of our body, supplying tissue with oxygen and nutrients. Wounds are disconnected from the blood supply and require a re-establishment of blood flow to heal. This fails in several types of severe wounds, negatively impacting wound closure.  


Our technology allows us to grow small human blood vessels in the lab. If successful, they can be transplanted into wounds. The blood vessels will reconnect the tissue to the blood supply and allow normal wound healing to take place.

The technology

We are growing vessels via “blood vessel organoids” – a protocol that was developed in our founder's laboratory.
We found a way to steer the maturation process of stem cells that leads them to naturally assemble into blood vessels, resembling normal vessel growth in the body. This allows us to build fully functional blood vessels in the lab.

The vascular transplants are
“blood vessel factories”

Connect to perfused vasculature

Transplanted vascular organoids efficiently connect to the murine vasculature. The human blood vessels are efficiently perfused. Connection to in vivo blood flow induces maturation

Therapeutic potential

Diabetes can cause a decelerated healing of acquired wounds.
In some cases, these wounds cease to heal completely, causing pain, disability and increased mortality, thus severely affecting the quality of life. We believe that replenishing the wounds with oxygen by transplanting lab-grown blood vessels, normal wound healing will be able to resume.