Cooperation with panCELLa

Angios and panCELLa are pleased to announce the signing of a comprehensive research and technology evaluation agreement.

Angios is pleased to announce the partnership with panCELLa Inc. and its subsidiary, Implant Therapeutics, to evaluate the efficacy of our technologies as incorporated into allogeneic vascular transplants derived from IPSC. panCELLa believes our FailSafeTM and Stealth CellsTM technology will guarantee long term engraftment of their cells and ensure an unprecedented level of safety. Angios is developing true blood vessels which are fundamental to engineering tissue and complex cell products for therapy.

Our companies are committed to providing the highest quality of cells for therapy. Mahendra Rao, CEO of panCELLa and founder of Implant, notes: “the collaboration of Angios with panCELLa and Implant brings together experts, across two continents, on pluripotent stem cells, gene editing and cell differentiation to treat diseases that require vascular reconstitution. The Stealth CellsTM protect the therapeutic cell treatment from the patient’s immune system offering long-term allo-tolerance without the need for immune suppression. panCELLa’s FailSafeTM is a superior safety switch. Unlike others, it will not be lost or silenced since it is precisely linked to cell division. At any time that cells deregulate or “go rogue” they can be eliminated while still allowing the therapeutic non-dividing cells to continue to do their work.

There is considerable potential for vascular cell therapies as many long-term injuries are currently not adequately served with existing treatment options. Safety and transplant tolerance are two pillars of successful cell therapy, which are both facilitated by the collaboration with panCELLa. “The partnership of panCELLa with Angios is truly accelerating our development of safe allogenic vascular transplants for the treatment of severe vascular diseases.” says Gregor Wick, CEO of Angios.

About Implant Therapeutics

Based in the United States, Implant combines the advantages of iPSC-MSC with panCELLa’s exclusive safety platforms to deliver the ultimate therapeutic MSC products. For more information, visit:

About panCELLa Inc.

Based in Canada, panCELLa is a privately-held biotechnology company based on the innovative technology developed in Dr. Andras Nagy’s lab at the Sinai Health System (SHS). panCELLa has created platforms that allow for the development of safe, universal, “off-the-shelf” cell lines. To learn more, visit

About Angios

Based in Austria, Angios GmbH (Angios) is a biotechnology company specializing in developing therapeutics for vascular diseases with a vision of improving standard of care for diabetic retinopathy and diabetic non-healing wounds. For more information, visit

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